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TOP-DRAWER VILLAIN is my most recent e-book. Click here to find out more...

A VIRGIN IN THE PHILIPPINES is still going strong and it has been very warmly praised.

My first e-book, AND SUCH GREAT NAMES AS THESE, was published in 2007 in traditional paper book form but the second, WINTER HUNT, begins life on your computer screen or your Kindle or Sony or whatever e-reading device you use.

They’re both good stories! And they’re cheaper than most books you will find in bookshops.

My fascination with low-life and criminality in the late-18th and early-19th centuries led me to write WINTER HUNT. Court reports of the period furnished me with several ideas for the story. It’s a bit of a romp and I really enjoyed writing it. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it

AND SUCH GREAT NAMES AS THESE had a different impetus. Over the years I have become increasingly interested in World War One. All those grainy pictures of crouching soldiers crossing muddy No-Man’s Lands are of unnamed clerks, shop assistants, farm lads, pitmen, innocents from ordinary backgrounds. All heroes, most of them away from their homes for the first time. For too many for the first and last time.  

All books are available in a variety of formats including Kindle.

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